Gardening class for all ages

8-week gardening class. Classes 10am-12pm every Tuesday starting on 25th February

Topics that will be covered over the 8-week term

  • Sow from seeds, summer annuals, plants like Marigold, Sweet Pea, Cosmos, Cornflower, Poppy, Lobelia and Sunflowers.
  • Plant summer bulbs and corms (Dahlias, Gladioli and Anemone) in both pots and beds.
  • Vegetables: sow from seed, (peas, beans, radish, beetroots, spinach and lettuce.) for transplanting into larger pots or home gardens/allotments.
  • Grow 1st early potatoes in a container or raised bed.
  • Grow tomatoes, peppers courgettes from seed
  • Plant and designing a window box or container with summer bedding plants.
  • Pot up new strawberry plants
  • Establish and grow new soft herb plants from seeds, create a small herb container, chives, parsley and coriander
  • Theory that will be covered will be around common disease, common pest and common weeds. Theory on how to grow comfrey, and make your own liquid feed to use in your garden. Create support frames from bamboo/willow, a tepee for peas and beans.
  • If the students could bring along their own hand tools trowel, forks. Also bring gloves, boots and waterproof coat/jacket.


€30 per participant to cover the cost of materials (bulbs, plants, compost)

Contact Fingal Liam Rodgers Centre on 01 895 6276 to book your place or leave details at reception.